Initial and Recurring
Home Cleaning Services

Our initial visit is a deep cleaning. The deep cleaning allows us to get your home or office to a standard level of cleanliness and sets the stage for us to maintain this cleanliness once the recurring service begins. Recurring services may be scheduled on a monthly, quarterly or semi-annual basis.

Below is a general list of areas that we  focus on.

Main Areas/Rooms/Office Cleaning

– Clean light fixtures, and ceiling fans, and blinds
– Dust shelving and cabinetry
– Clean walls, doors and door frames and window sills and ledges
– Light switch plates
– Vacuum floors and carpeted stairs
– Mop hardwoods, flooring and tiling
– Clean baseboards
– Clean glass on French and sliding doors, cabinets, and mirrors
– Remove cobwebs

Kitchen Cleaning

– Clean counter tops and backsplashes
– Clean sinks, faucets and drain openings
– Clean interior and exterior of major appliances
– Clean interior and exterior of cabinetry
– Clean interior and exterior of microwave
– Wash walls, wall boards and flooring

Bathroom Cleaning

– Clean showers and tubs, including shower walls and doors
– Clean sinks, faucets, knobs and drains
– Clean toilets
– Clean exterior of vanity and cabinets
– Clean mirrors
– Wash walls, wall board and flooring


Each property has unique requirements and we make sure to leave each one  ready for the next tenant.

During our pre-service walk-through we discuss the  specific services that will be provided. Learn more about our move in / move out cleaning services here.