Hands-on Project Lead

CleanSpace Cleaning Services is looking for a cleaner  who has a high attention to detail — and a lead cleaner  who will use that high attention detail to finish a job out to the very end.   We are looking for a team member who is accountable and operates with integrity.

CleanSpace Cleaning Services has been in business in the Seattle Metro Area since 2007.   We have philosophies and beliefs in place that are changing the way people in our community view the cleaning  industry.   The relationships with our clients and with our team are one in the same where transparency, communication and trust are always present.

Overall Responsibilities

The project lead is completely responsible for the successful completion of the jobs given to them, which includes being on time, on budget, and maintaining a high level of quality.   In addition to being an experienced tradesman, he or she should exhibit good judgment, high ethical standards, good oral and written communication skills, and strong leadership abilities.   The perfect project lead is responsible, organized, and considerate.

Specific Responsibilities

  1. Customer satisfaction and company representation
  1. Complete projects profitably, on schedule, and safely.
  1. Maintenance of job-site paperwork and working knowledge of all contract documents.
  1. Supervision of subcontractors
  1. Material takeoffs and orders.
  1. Job-site protection and cleanliness.
  1. Supervision and performance of company labor
  1. Participate in meetings with customers including pre-construction.
  1. Overall company policy adherence



  • Punctual — Employees will be required to be “ready to work” at his/her determined start time. “Ready to work” is defined by PCR as the following: Proper work attire on and the employee is ready to start performing the work laid out by his/her supervisor.
  • Must have reliable truck/van —Employees must be able to arrive to the job sites daily in a reliable fashion.   Employees may also be asked to transport tools and/or materials in their vehicle
  • Drug Free — No exceptions.
  • Clean, professional appearance and presence
  • Must be flexible to work evenings. CleanSpace Cleaning Services values personal time and is a proponent of a balanced life; we respect our time and your time and do our best to keep Saturdays and Sundays to personal time.   Because of this philosophy, occasional longer work days during the week are a reality.



  • Extensive knowledge of residential and commercial cleaning trades.
  • A high level of oral and written communication skills — Communication is the backbone to the success of PCR’s customer satisfaction.   Each employee will be required to be a highly effective communicator.   With many proven, creditable ways that we have found that work, we will teach and train you to be this communicator.
  • Analytical and mathematical skills.
  • Problem solving skills in order to deal with alternative solutions and the confidence to perform these tasks.
  • Proficient at construction methods and can interpret contracts and technical drawings.
  • Extensive knowledge of the construction process.
  • Have the innate ability and the experience to supervise subcontractors and staff.


Pay:   $25-30/hr. (to start) (DOE)

Benefit for Leads:

Date of hire:

Employees will be compensated for mileage ($0.575 per mile) when they transport tools and supplies in their own vehicles.

After 6 months:

Company credit card issued.

One year:

Supplemental insurance ($100 monthly to be paid by employer)

Two years:

One week vacation pay

5 holidays paid


HOW TO APPLY:   Please send resume to admin@cleanspace2day.com  and also answer the following questions:

  1. What are some of the unique skills necessary to be a great residential  cleaner, as compared to someone who is proficient at new construction?   Give examples, specific to communication and ongoing dialogue with homeowner.
  2. Tell us about a time you were on a great team at work.   What made the team great?   What principles were followed?   What was your contribution to the team?   Why was it valued?   What could have made the team better?
  3. Tell us about an experience that went sideways with a cleaning customer; where you thought expectations were being met but they thought otherwise.   How did you handle this situation?
  4. On a scale of 1 to 10, with 1 being low and 10 being high, how would your last boss rate you in the following areas:
  5. On time and rarely if ever absent from the job site.
  6. Does high quality work
  7. Follows instructions well and is committed to the company
  8. Dependable and consistently shows up as a hard working employee that is accountable to self and crew

4.5 Please tell a brief story or two that you think would be helpful for us to better understand your responses.