Junk & Trash Removal Services: What’s the Cost?

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Trash has a way of building up, it could be from parties, remodeling, or just normal activities, and getting rid of it can be a hassle. Luckily, you can hire waste removal services to handle it for you, here are some of the factors that decide the price of the removal.

Trash, Waste, & Junk

Trash, waste, and junk all sound like the same thing, but they refer to different services which cost different amounts. The removal of trash is the regular collection of garbage that’s provided by the city where you live. Junk removal refers to the one-time removal of objects that trash services won’t remove, like furniture or major appliances. Waste removal handles materials that neither trash or junk services will remove.

Waste Removal

The removal of waste generally involves hazardous chemicals like fluorescent bulbs or old latex paint, so it involves more time and preparation than junk removal. The cost of waste removal is highly variable and largely depends on what kind of waste you need removed.

Solid Waste: Solid waste generally refers to garbage and household clutter, and the average cost for removal is $160. Though the price can change if you have specialized or excess waste that will take longer to remove.

Hazardous Waste: The removal of chemicals like old latex paint or mercury requires careful planning and specialized equipment. The removal of hazardous waste is priced on a per-pound basis and ranges from $50 to $100.

Construction Debris: The removal of construction debris costs an average of $200, depending on the quantity.

Composting: The average cost to remove and professionally compost food and yard waste is around $100.

There are also services that will remove recyclables and universal waste. Recyclable waste removal disposes of bulk quantities of cans, glasses, paper, and other recyclable items. While universal waste includes reusable and non-hazardous materials like batteries and light bulbs.

Junk Removal

Junk removal is less dangerous than waste removal, but it does involve moving large objects like appliances, tires, or pianos. These items require multiple people to move and bring to a landfill or other disposal location. The average cost for removing major appliances is $100, large furniture pieces are $80, and outdoor hot tubs are $130.

Average Trash/Junk Removal Prices

Normally it’s no big deal to take yard waste, appliances, or smaller loads of garbage to the dump. But there are times when you need assistance with larger loads. The average cost of junk removal is between $135 and $358, depending on volume, contents, and service policies.

Trash removal is a utility offered by most cities, but sometimes you can get a lower price by going to an independent company. The average monthly cost for trash removal is between $10 and $40, while the annual cost is between $140 and $250. There is also usually a one-time setup fee, which can cost from $30 to $50.

Junk Removal Prices

Junk removal services will charge around $200 for a single-family home, $250 for an apartment, and $400 for a business. A minimal truckload of junk, around 60 square feet, will cost around $100, while a full load, 420-480 square feet, costs around $500.

Specific Items

Fluorescent Lighting: $.10 to $.50 per square foot.

Freezers/Refrigerators: $30 to $50 per unit.

Latex Paint: $10 per gallon.

Tires: $10 to $15 per tire, with rims, $5 to $10 without rims.

Pianos: $50 to $100, depending on the type of piano and any extenuating circumstances.

Planning for Junk/Debris Removal

Some removal services offer bulk or itemized pricing, depending on the type of material. Professionals usually look at the situation and determine the final price based on the materials being removed, how the company charges (by truck or by item), and your proximity to the company’s base and any landfills. You can save some time and money by sorting the materials beforehand and taking smaller loads to the dump yourself.

How do Professionals Charge?

Junk removal services generally charge two fees, one’s for the type/amount of junk being removed, and another for truckloads/the total time needed to remove the junk. Additional fees include specialized waste delivery for items like paint, freezers, A/C units, and fluorescents. Always be sure to properly list all the items you’re having removed and any special requirements they might have.

Removal services also charge for labor, especially for jobs that take longer than an hour or need more than their default number of workers.

Be sure to remember that junk removal services won’t take hazardous waste, free hauling companies can sometimes remove recyclable waste, and that it’s the most cost-effective to have all the items you need removed taken away at the same.

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