How to Clean House With a House Cleaning Checklist

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Cleaning. It’s probably one of the least fun and most time consuming tasks that you’ll face in adulthood. However, with an organized approach and cleaning services like Cleanspace Cleaning Services, you can forget everything you thought you knew about cleaning. Let’s first look into some general housekeeping tips that this specific cleaning service offers potential customers.

In this house cleaning checklist, the experts at CleanSpace Cleaning Services lay out the best way to approach cleaning any living space from top to bottom.

First, do a walkthrough of all rooms and put away everything that is visibly out of place. Then, tackle the task of decluttering your overflowing closets. This will entail getting rid of all items that you no longer need or rarely use.

After this is done, you get down to the actually nitty gritty: the cleaning itself. Step three focuses on dusting all surfaces, from photographs to ceiling fans and everything in between. Once this is done, you can turn your attention to vacuuming both floors and furniture if possible. Step five targets any mopping and sweeping that needs to be done, and be sure to pay special attention to bathrooms and kitchens!

Finally, end your house cleaning endeavors with treating any wooden furniture.

There are a few additional tips to keep in mind if you opt to clean your own home over hiring a cleaning service. It can be helpful to break the tasks down my room type or frequency with which they need to be done. For example, vacuuming and dusting should be done weekly; whereas cleaning windows only need to be done every 3 to 6 months. Also, since cleaning the kitchen and bathrooms require the most work, it may be best to tackle these areas on separate days.

If you instead prefer to hire outside help to keep you home spotless, we come highly recommended.

There are several perks associated with choosing this company for your cleaning needs over the competition. For starters, we offer quick, free in-home estimates of how much their services will cost you. In addition, we also allow you to utilize a no contract option. Cleaning services are offered Monday through Friday from 8 a.m. to 5 p.m. Another plus with this company, is that you can hire them for weekly, monthly, or one time only cleaning services.

The perks don’t stop there!

Our employees are trained extensively in cleaning and are required to pass rigorous background checks before being hired. Also, for those with hectic schedules, there is the option to arrange for cleaning to be done while you are away from home.

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